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Custom Made Production and Development

An inseparable part of our work consists of the development and creation of new products, innovation of existing solutions and cooperation on new applications. We implement comprehensive solutions in the area of nano textile production, from research and development based on the requirements of the customer, through technical preparation of the production up to the final series production.

We work with the customer to carry out the initial analysis of their needs, the final parameters and properties of the textiles and together we determine the direction of development. We also arrange  laboratory testing of materials, samples and verification series for the preparation of series production.

Medical Products

The medical field is very broad, but we, as a manufacturer of nano-fibre laminates, focus on medical masks with a higher filtration efficiency and filters for respirators. We also develop applications with active substances that can be released directly from the nano-fibre structure. These are adhesive bandages with a cushion containing the healing substance Chitosan contained in the nano-fibre structure protecting the infection. Or bandages of larger dimensions intended for surgical use. Here stands out the unique ability of nano-fibres to protect the wound from infection in combination with the healing substance Chitosan speeding up regeneration of the tissue.

Most commonly series produced materials for disposable masks and FFP2 respirators

Anti Microbe Web R

Filtration material with a nanofibre filtration layer made from a PVDF polymere, <1 g/ m2 , applied on the bearing layer of non-woven spunbond or meltblown textile. The meltblown layer works as a pre-filter, which captures dust as well as microbial particles. The nanofibre layer is the main filtration medium. ANTIMICROBE WEB R is typically used in the manufacture of disposable medical masks. The main advantage of this material is its excellent permeability, stable effectiveness and top parameters for the capture of viruses and bacteria (99.9% VFE, Virus Filtration Efficiency, tested in Nelson Lab, USA). The manufactured medical masks comply with the strict criteria of standard EN 14683 for medical protection masks.

Besides the basic material ANTIMICROBE WEB R, intended for the production of medical masks, we also manufacture products with a higher grammage, ideal for use as insert filters in standard masks or into special medical masks or composite filters.

Anti Microbe Web R FFP2

Material intended for the production of class FFP2 respirators (as per standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009), for the protection of airways in hazardous environments. We produce and sell FFP2 respirators under the brand  NANO MED.CLEAN and NANO M.ON.  The typical structure of the material is a spunbond+meltblown bearing layer and a nanofibre filtration layer. The meltblown layer works as a pre-filter, which captures larger dust particles as well as microbial particles. The main filtration medium is a highly effective nanofibre filter.

As opposed to ordinary FFP2 respirators, these nano respirators are markedly more comfortable thanks to their high permeability and provide long-lasting protection for the whole time that they are worn. They do not lose filtration effectiveness caused by dampness and loss of electrostatic charge of the fibres. It is the safest method of protection.

The FFP2 masks are certified and tested as per standard EN 149. The material may be optimized, if the customer wishes, for use in the production of FFP3 respirators as well.

Production process:


In the area of cosmetics, we focus on ladies for which face- and low-neckline masks are made of our Chito Fib material, which is intended to more quickly regenerate  minor skin injuries.

Face Masks

A dry face mask with Chitosan for the face and low-neckline is suitable for use after minor cosmetic surgeries and ordinary cosmetic activity, where small injuries appear in a person’s complexion and the fastest possible regeneration is desirable.

Filtration and Separation

The nano-fibre laminate with its unique properties is suitable for the filtration of airborne particles. It can be used during the desulphurization process in a power plant.

Another typical example of use is the filtration of salts from a saline solution in the food industry.

Technical Textiles

The nano-fibre laminate is suitable for insecticide textiles used as a protection from pests. Another example of use is the clothing industry, typically in the segment of sports and outdoor clothing, where it successfully works as a membrane substituting the well-known Goretex.

Industrial Filter

The multi-layer media with pre-filtration forms a physical barrier against dust, bacteria as well as viruses and are suitable in large industrial buildings, such as industrial halls, airports, as well as long-distance gas tubing.

Mechanical Barriers

The nano-fibre structures have a really wide use. They can be seen also in the forest industry. Specifically, as insecticide nets covering piles of tree trunks in the forest. The objective is to prevent the pests from penetrating to the healthy wood or, on the contrary, those from the ill wood from spreading into the surroundings.